Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One of my pic's on T. William's Blog - W.O.W.

Okayyyy, so do you remember the pic I posted here:

Well, I was searching for articles related to importance of knowledge and I stumbled upon this blog post here:
and I saw my pic there .... and I was like yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

And the best part: It's linked back, so I (finally) get credit for my work *throws confetti in air*

I've seen people use some of my pictures elsewhere, but they didn't link back and it was kind of disappointing, but this post has me jumping around like a maniac (well, at least imaginative jumping, not literally)

Thank you Tope Williams - you made my day


  1. Apart from posting images,You can write too :)

    1. aaahhh ... had i been any good in writing, I would have received an A+ on my english assignment .... but alas, B has haunted me since middle school

      But thank you very much for your kind words Ashish

  2. 'B'??? What else do you want? Its an awesome 'B' . I used to fail in English :). Bloggers get 'B' .

    1. Ashish, you seem good at exaggerating ('fail in english' - yeah right). You should try writing a crime novel - i bet it'll be a bestseller :D

    2. Naa Naa...Not exaggerating but telling the truth.

      I did flunk once in it. I got negative marks for one of my question.

      Hard to believe but true. ;)

      Also I am happy with my current job. As of now there is no need to switch my career. You must opt for writing novels.